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Reiki and Astrology Predictions:

Karma is only the key of success and Reiki and Astrology always suggest the way, remedies to improve our Karma. Reiki and astrology in both ways we follow path of prayer. Reiki and Astrology always a subject of discussion and people think to how much extent one can believe and have faith on it. Everything in this world is possible when we believe on that or we know it by our past learnings or experiences that it was achieved earlier. Researches and inventions are the result of the first thought clicked in human mind. Astrology came to existence. When human being tried to find other ways to know himself, if something is there which he don't knows. People always does repetitive and different process in many occurrence if he don't get succeed. Sun is the source of the energy and it gives energy to the world equally. As we can see Sun gives energy to all, there are other planets which also affect human life in same manner. When human takes birth the planetary position of that time decides how the person will lead his life in future. If he will have faith in God or not. How the food habits, relationship his living style as well life style will be in future. Reiki is the positive energy which helps to reach positive intentions in our life. Now firstly, questions arises that if person never seen Reiki energy and rays of planets so how they can have faith on Reiki and Astrology.


Reiki always helps to cure many physical and mental problems and gives spiritual strength to make life better. It is also helpful in relationship, love, married life, for jobs, educational life, professional etc. Reiki means “Rei” and “ki” Rei means the Universal energy and Ki is the Key of the Universal energy. There are three degrees in learning of Reiki.

Reiki I
Reiki II
Reiki III

Reiki I: It starts learning process of Reiki by healing our self  and others by touch.
Reiki II: It starts Reiki healing from distant place to anywhere in the world for any kind of problems. In second level with the help of some symbols Reiki can be send.
Reiki III: It is the advance form of Reiki healing as well as person can teach to others Reiki practicing.

Five principles of Reiki

Only for today … I will live my life with attitude of gratitude.
Only for today … I will not worry about anything.
Only for today … I will not be angry.
Only for today … I will do my work with honesty.
Only for today … I will love and give respect to all.


The word REIKI means universal life Energy. It is define as the power which acts and lives in all created matter. The word is consist of two parts. One is REI and the other is KI. REI define the Universal, boundless  aspect of energy and KI is the vital life force energy, which flows through all living things. It is the highest form of energy in existence.

Crystal Reiki

Crystals are always helpful for guiding the energy in positive way properly. Crystals are the most positive form to transfer the energy on the earth. Crystals conjugate the energy within itself. Belief or a religious affiliation that earth made crystals is the will of the God on the earth in physical form. The collective form of the substance which concentrates the energy from the basic particle presented on the earth, the smallest particle or the unit of the particle is crystal.
When Reiki is given or taken crystal works as good medium for transferring the energy. In many forms but to only achieve the desired healing.


Benefit of Crystals

Crystals are the good conductors.

It increases the energy and power.

It works till 72 hour from the treatment and to the full cure.

Crystals works on many problems or plans to be executed on same time.

Crystal itself a great source of energy.

Crystals makes balance between positive and negative energy in our body.

It gives power to clean our self and others.

It is only used for positive purposes. No one can harm to other with it.

Crystals can be used for human, animal, bird, living things, plants, trees and non living things like machines.

Crystals works as protecting shield for us, sometimes the crystal get destroyed when the problem or bad time about to occur in coming future.

Crystals helps to balance our body and remove all spiritual, mental or physical obstacles and discomforts within 5 to 15 minutes.

Crystal develops the materialistic and spiritual improvement and gives strength to body.


Reiki healing and cure :

Reiki healing is helpful in any kind of problem or achieve objective in life.




Reiki and Astrology Predictions

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