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High alert of temperatures in coming days
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Dear all, 
the Equinox phenomenon  will affect us  in the next 5 days. Please stay indoors and keep animals indoor or protected   especially from 12pm-3pm daily. The temperature will fluctuate  and may reach  40 degrees Celsius. This can easily cause dehydration and sun stroke. (Ps: this phenomena is due to the sun directly positioned above the equator line. )
Please keep everyone inclusive of yourself hydrated. Everyone should be consuming about 3 litres of fluid everyday. Monitor everyone's blood pressure as frequent as possible. Many may get heat stroke.

Take Cold showers as frequent as possible. Reduce meat 
increase fruits & veg.

Heat wave is no joke! Place a new unused candle outside home area or exposed area. If candle can melt, its at a dangerous level.

Always place a pail or 2 of water half filled in living room & each in every room to keep temperature down.

 heat stroke has no indicative symptoms. Once you faint, its serious & dangerous as organ failure kicks in.

Always check lips, eye balls for  moisture.
Please inform others...
 Stay safe friends!

India: Dangerous heat to intensify this week after arriving unusually early - 10h ago A dangerous, widespread heat wave will continue across India this week, putting millions of people at risk for heat-related illnesses.

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