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Shooting equipment and accessories - admin - 09-05-2019

Shooting equipment and accessories list
(I) Editing room with facility of Meg. Opt. Sound ola, Syncronometer, Vertical rewinder
(ii) Editing room with Sten beck
Editor (video)
Editor (Films)
Asstt. Editor
Editing Room with inter cine machine (16mm / 35mm combine)
Video Editing Room with A+B Roll Beta Editing equipment, sound dubbing facility with DFS – 500 effects generator / 16 channel mixer . DAT – DA- 98                  Recorder / DVD / VCD / CD Player 
Sony Video Projector with Screen / Professional Audio System (surround) with Speaker VCD / DVD + Beta Player
DVD Player
Protable DAT with TC inclduing Two operator
Portable Beta Recorder B.V.W.50
Public Address System with cordless mike
9″ / 14″ Monitor
Video Titler
Cordless Mike

637 Sony CCD Camera Monitor / Tripod / Portable Recorder
From VHS to VHS (NTSC to PAL & PAL to NTSC )
From VHS to BETA (NTSC to PAL )
35mm BL Arriflex Camera (old) 
35mm Arriflex Camera with accessories (Old) ARRI II C
16mm Arriflex SR-III Camera (New) with accessories
35mm Arriflex camera with fibre glass blimp plus lenses
Phase Adjusted (video copying system)
35mm Arriflex Camera (435) (video assist) New
(i) 25mm to 250mm
(ii) 250mm to 625mm)
High speed Camera
Block lens (35mm / 16mm) (5.6mm, 9.5mm, 12mm. 16mm, 25mm, 35mm and 85mm) + 90mm Macro Lenses
cinematographers Cristal Motor 2 C (to expose from 1 frame to 120 frames)
Mini studio for interviews etc.
Set of fast lenses (aspherical lenses) for 35mm & 16mm cameras
Sony Video HD Camera
Digital Camera Thomson+BVW-50 recorder with 2 attendants
Asstt. Cameraman
16mm Arriflex SR I / SR II camera with accessories
Siky Camera

Pre-dub, Re-recording, Mixing
Commentary Recording 
Music / Song Recording 
Transfer work of Magnetic of Optical Film (Sound Negative Film) 
Transfer work of 1/4th tape or 35mm Magnetic tape to 35mm Magnetic tape or Vice versa 
Sound Transfer from final print / any optical track to 35mm Magnetic tape 
Lip Sync. Dubbing
Language Dubbing 
Effects Recording ( with picture ) 
Effects Recording (without picture) 
Previewing of rough cut with sound tracks 
Astt. Recordist
Projection Room Operator
Asstt. Projection Room Operator


2.5 K.W. HMI Light
1.2 KW HMI light with bulb
1.2 K.W. HMI Softy light
575 Watts HMI light
1KW Baby (Halogen) light
1 KW multi 10 Hard / Soft light
Cutter stands with atti patti & cutters
2 KW Solar (Ord.) light
2 KW Solar (Halogen) light
1 KW Sungun light
1 KW Porta light
Multi 20 light
Electric Trolley Board
Socket Boards
500 watts (ord. Baby light)
Inky dinky lights
Low Base
Extra rod
Switch board
Extension cables
Dimmer trolly (5 K.W.)
Reflector with stands

Contact N. 8109812284

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